Denim Rilakkuma 3
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Introducing the Denim Rilakkuma Series

Usually I only like the original Rilakkuma plushies, but San-X comes out with new series very often. Sometimes they have clothes, and sometimes the Rilakkuma is holding something. Every time it is a new theme or collaboration with a company. But I like the naked Rilakkumas the best. I wrote about the original Rilakkuma series before. I like the original series because the Rilakkuma are easy to hug.

But in April 2016, San-X came out with a new Rilakkuma series — denim Rilakkuma! Even though I usually don’t like new series, I really got interested in this new series! Maybe I will buy a denim Rilakkuma plush. You can find the original announcement on the San-X website.

The denim Rilakkuma series will have some bags made out of denim. There is a small denim Rilakkuma plush keychain and two Rilakkuma plushies. The denim Rilakkuma plush wears a charm around his neck and has embroidered pockets on his butt.

This curry tonkatsu was a very popular dish. The brown rice Rilakkuma is perfect!
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Pictures From Rilakkuma Cafe in Taiwan

In September 2015, Rilakkuma Cafe opened in Taipei, Taiwan. This is a Rilakkuma theme restaurant that has received official licensing from San-X.

I went there to visit in December 2015! I wanted to eat there, but it was completely reserved for the day. It is a very popular place in Taipei because Taiwanese people love Rilakkuma too. My friend said that it was completely booked for a month. Many Taiwanese bloggers say that they had to dial hundreds of times to get a reservation (sometimes Taiwanese people say hundreds when they mean many times).

Today I will introduce the Rilakkuma Cafe and translate some Taiwan blog posts about Rilakkuma Cafe. Rilakkuma Cafe’s location used to be a popular dessert place called Dazzling Cafe. It was popular several years ago, but I guess it no longer was that popular.

First, some pictures! But wait, I took these pictures from Yuki’s Lazy Channel. I hope it is okay. Please visit her blog for the full set of pictures. But it is in traditional Chinese. She has very beautiful pictures. Please read the captions below.


Rilakkuma Pancakes
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The Top 5 Best Rilakkuma Dessert Videos

One of my favorite hobbies is watching people make food on Youtube. Since Rilakkuma’s favorite foods are mostly desserts, many people make Rilakkuma-themed dessert videos on Youtube! Every once in a while, I will sit with my Rilakkuma and look up new Rilakkuma videos on Youtube.

I like watching them make the food. But at the end, usually they start to eat their Rilakkuma food! When they start to cut or eat the Rilakkuma, I always say to myself, “Nooooooooo!”

Today I will share my favorite Rilakkuma dessert videos!

1. Recreate Miniature Rilakkuma Pancakes. This person recreates Re-Ment plastic miniature toys in real life. This video he recreates miniature pancakes in real life! I can’t watch the part when he cuts his ear.

2. Recreate Strawberry Sandwich. This video is from the same person who recreated the pancakes. This time he recreates strawberry sandwich! It looks delicious! Hmm, when I finished watching this video, I thought this person maybe likes Rilakkuma too much! But I guess that’s not possible.

3. Rilakkuma Tofu Cheesecake. In Japan there are many Rilakumma-themed foods that you can buy at the grocery store. This person uses Rilakkuma tofu and makes cheesecake. Hmm, I’ve never eaten tofu cheesecake before!

4. Rilakkuma Pudding. In some videos, some people try to make Rilakkuma foods. But when they decorate their foods, sometimes they don’t make Rilakkuma’s face correctly. I only like food videos where Rilakkuma is shown correctly. Like this pudding video! I love his relaxed pose.

5. Rilakkuma Matcha Cakes. This video uses Rilakkuma molds to make chocolate for Rilakkuma matcha cakes. Matcha is finely ground green tea, and it is a popular favor in Japan. I think Rilakkuma would like to eat something like this!

Screenshot 2016-04-13 09.01.29
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Rilakkuma Short Movies

As part of Rilakkuma’s 10th Anniversary celebration in 2013, San-X partnered with a stop motion film company to create a series of 33 short movies!

You can watch the original movies at San-X’s website, but a YouTuber actually compiled all 33 short movies into two  clips. Each movie is very short, but you can still see Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori’s personality in each one.

Rilakkuma Comic Book 2
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Rilakkuma Comic Strip Book 2

I introduced the first book in the Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga series in the last post. The book was released in 2010. And  Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga 2 was released in 2011. These two books are popular in Japan!

Today I’ll introduce Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga 2! The cover shows Rilakkuma sleeping and him spilling some food. The back cover shows Kiiroitori cleaning up the food that Rilakkuma spilled.

Here are some of my favorite comic strips from this book.

Now on Sale!

  1. Kiiroitori looks at a flyer showing a spring sale.
  2. Kiiroitori says to Rilakkuma, “This yellow bean bag pillow is so old. You should dispose of this.”
  3. Kiiroitori says, “The new ones are not expensive now.” But Rilakkuma resists buying a new one.
  4. Rilakkuma lies on his old yellow pillow. He looks like he is feeling good, and says, “This battered pillow is more comfortable.”
Rilakkuma loves his yellow pillow very much! Hmm, many people have their own favorite things!

April Fools

  1. Rilakkuma says, “My ears are made of castella.” He said same thing In 4kuma Manga 1! And Korilakkuma and Kiiroitorii bit his ears and found this is not true.
  2. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori say, “Same joke again…” Rilakkuma says, “Here!”
  3. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori smell his ears and say, “Sweet smell!”
  4. And Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori bite his ears again! Rilakkuma says, “I put vanilla essence on my ears.” He looks satisfied.
They are good at having fun in their normal life!


  1. Korilakkuma has his stuffed penguin. The stuffed penguin looks dirty and says, “Because I’m getting dirty…”
  2. Korilakkuma washes the penguin and the penguin says, “He washes me…”
  3. Korilakkuma drys the penguin outside and the penguin says, “He drys me.”
  4. And the stuffed penguin says, “But I hope he drys me inside because I have an allergy to pollen.”

Many people have an allergy to pollen in Japan. It starts in March and ends in May. I didn’t know the stuffed penguin has an allergy to pollen too! I hope Korilakkuma drys him inside in spring!


  1. Kiiroitori finds Korilakkuma eating oranges. Kiiroitori says, “Ah!”
  2. Kiiroitori says to Korilakkuma, “You eat too many oranges.”
  3. Kiiroitori says, “Your hands will get yellow if you eat oranges too much.”
  4. Rilakkuma looks at his yellow hands. He thinks about why his hands are yellow.

I don’t know it’s true or not, but many people say, ”Your hands will get yellow if you eat oranges too much.” in Japan. Maybe it’s just a superstition.

Bottom of the Book

And this book is a flip book too! There also have many cute pictures on the bottom of this book. The story: Korilakkuma puts Kiiroitori on a pancake and throws the pancake! Kiiroitori and the pancake fly to Rilakkuma. And Rilakkuma eats the pancake that Kiiroitorii rode on. And Kiiroitori flies by himself! He says, “I can fly!” But then Kiiroitori falls down. Poor Kiiroitori.

There are about 100 episodes in this book. I could know more about their characters through this Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga series. I hope I can read the other books in this series. Then I can introduce more about their life from these series!

Rilakkuma Comic Book 1
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Rilakkuma Comic Strip Book 1

Today I’ll introduce some Rilakkuma comic strips from the Rilakkuma 4Kuma Manga book series!

Do you know yonkoma? In Japanese, yon means four, and kuma means panel. Yonkoma is a comic-strip format that generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. So Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga means Rilakkuma’s yonkoma. These yonkoma were serialized on Shufu-to-seikatsusha web site. And now six comic books have been released.

The contents are so cute! But I think the Rilakkuma Seikatsu Series are more meaningful. Some contents are related to Japanese seasonal events so it’s a little difficult to understand what they mean. But through 4kuma Manga we can see their happy and lazy life!

Now I will introduce some of my favorite episodes from the first book of Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga! The cover shows Rilakkuma sleeping and he is slobbering on the book. The back cover shows Kiiroitori cleaning Rilakkuma’s saliva off the book.

Rilakkuma Comic 1

Nice to meet you!

  1. Rilakkuma lies down on his favorite yellow bean bag pillow and says, “Nice to meet you. I’m Rilakkuma.”
  2. “Ah, my ears are made of castella.”
  3. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori bite his ears! Rilakkuma says, “Ah!”
  4. His ears are messed up and Rilakkuma says, “Sorry, it’s joking.”


  1. Korilakkuma wakes up and cries because he had a nightmare.
  2. Korilakkuma sees that Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are sleeping.
  3. Korilakkuma turns on the light. Kiiroitori is awake! Rilakkuma is still sleeping.
  4. Korilakkuma wants  Kiiroitori to be awake until Korilakkuma falls asleep. Kiiroitori says, “Ah, should I watch you till you fell asleep?” Rilakkuma is still sleeping.

We can see that Korilakkuma is so cowardly, Kiiroitori is so good to Korilakkuma, and Rilakkuma loves sleeping so much!


  1. The radio controlled duck is running and says, “Hi, I’m  the radio controlled duck. I’m running!”
  2. He is running on Rilakkuma and says, “Go! Go!”
  3. He tries to fly from Rilakkuma’s head! “Fly to the future!”
  4. But he falls down on Kiiroitori’s head.

I ‘m happy to find out that the radio controlled duck can speak!

 Real Intention

  1. Korilakkuma’s stuffed penguin and the radio controlled duck are talking. The penguin says, “Duck, I envy you because you can move.” The duck says, “You think so?”
  2. The Duck says, “He is so rough, I always have scratch. And I flew recently.”
  3. The Penguin looks so dirty and a little sad and says, “I’m more dirty”.
  4. Korilakkuma looks at them with some evil plan behind them. They are surprised.

I didn’t know Korilakkuma’s toys are also alive! I love their dialogue! I think they are became dirty  because Korilakkuma loves them so much. He takes them every where with him.

Bottom of the Book

There are cute pictures on the bottom of this book.  We can enjoy these pictures as a flip book! The story: Rilakkuma has so many dangos and throws the dangos. Kiiroitori catches the dangos with a stick. But he can’t catch every dangos because there are too many dangos.

King size Rilakkuma
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The Different Sizes of Rilakkuma Plushies

I love Rilakkuma plush toys! My Rilakkuma is about 40 centimeters or 16 inches. I can feel very relaxed with my Rilakkuma.

There are many kinds of Rilakkuma plush toys. Some Rilakkuma are as big as a real person. Some Rilakkuma are small enough to hold when you sleep. They each have different good points. Now I’ll introduce the most popular Rilakkuma plush toys, the kuttari nuigurumi series!

Kuttari Nuigurumi Series

Kuttari means lean or rest in Japanese. Nuigurumi means stuffed animal. Kuttari nuigurumi have small beans in their hands, legs, and hip. They are very comfortable! And they have a zipper on their back — the same as the real Rilakkuma. You can put something in his back! There are 5 sizes of kuttari nuigurumi. Uh oh! They all look like the same size!


  • Small  (215 × 135 × 90mm / 8.5 × 5.3 × 3.5in)
  • Medium (400 × 240 × 130mm / 16 × 9.5 × 5in)
  • Large (560 × 360 × 140mm / 22 × 14 × 5.5in)
  • Extra Large (770 × 480 × 280mm / 30.3 × 19 × 11in)
  • King Size (1100 × 660 × 270mm / 43.3 × 26 × 11in)

And there is even a full size Rilakkuma!

  • Full Size (1650 × 1050 × 500mm  / 65 × 41 × 20in )

I didn’t know how tall the real Rilakkuma is. He is 65 inches! Wow, so big! A full size Rilakkuma is released as a limited edition once a year.

Monkey With Rilakkuma
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Even A Baby Monkey Likes Rilakkuma!

I wrote before that many men like Rilakkuma in Japan. But I found out that not only do men like Rilakkuma, even a monkey likes Rilakkuma!

The little monkey is called Otome. She lives in Ichikawashi Doushokubutsuen (市川市動植物園) Chiba prefecture in Japan. She was born in 2008. But unfortunately her mother neglected her. So she was artificially reared by breeding staff. Baby monkeys usually cling on to their mother’s body, but she didn’t have a mother so the breeding staff gave her stuffed animals to cling to. She had many kinds of stuffed animals, but she liked Rilakkuma the best. After she returned to the group she was still always with her Rilakkuma.

In the Youtube clip, she always brought her Riakkuma along with her. Sometimes she sat on her Rilakkuma. Her Rilakkuma became dirty and weak. But the little monkey loved her dirty Rilakkuma very much. Thanks to him, she could be relaxed in an unfamiliar group when she returned the group.

Now she is three years old. She is independent from her Rilakkuma. Her Rilakkuma is in front of the monkey mountain. The paper under him says ”I’ve finished nursing”. He looks so relaxed now.

Rilakkuma Book 5
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Rilakkuma Books: Rilakkuma Seikatsu Series 3

[Tori Dayori -Rilakkuma Seikatsu 3] is the third book in the Rilakkuma Seikatsu book series and was released in 2005. Tori means bird in Japanese, and Dayori means letter. Maybe you know what monologues are in this book. Yes! Kiiroitori’s monologues!

As you know Rilakkuma is so lazy, and Korilakkuma is so mischievous. So Kiiroitori takes good care of them when Kaoru isn’t home. He cleans their room everyday, and if Korilakkuma is in a trouble Kiiroitori helps him. Kiiroitori knows what his job is and does his best everyday. So his monologues are different from Rilakkuma’s. They cheer me up like this:


Stand up!


It will not change if you are only waiting. (If you want to change something, you should do something.)

ONダケデモダメ OFFダケデモダメ

It’s not good to be only ON or only OFF. (We need both on time and off time.)


There is no 0%. (If you do your best you might be able to do something that you think is impossible. Kiiroitori can’t fly now. But he believes he can fly one day. He doesn’t give up on his dream.)

Kiiroitori is opposite to Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma’s monologhes make me relax, Kiiroitori’s monologues cheer me up! Of course I want to be relaxed everyday. But sometimes I have to work very hard. During these times, Kiiroitori’s monologues fit me because I need someone who cheers me up. After I work hard like Kiiroitori, I need Rilakkuma’s relaxed monologes to be relaxed. I need both Rilakkuma’s view and Kiiroitori’s view in my life.

Rilakkuma Book 3
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Rilakkuma Books: Rilakkuma Seikatsu Series 2

[Dararan Biyori – Riakkuma Seikatsu 2] is the second book in the Rilakkuma Seikatsu series and was released in November 2004. Dararan is a phrase that Rilakkuma says often. Maybe it means lazy and enjoy. Dara means lazy. Ran is sound you make when you are enjoying something. Biyori means “fine weather”. So the title means “fine weather to be lazy and have fun”.

Korilakkuma debuted in this book! So there are many Rilakkuma monologues related to Korilakkuma. In this book, Rilakkuma’s monologues are not only lazy but also having fun with someone special. Here are some of the monologues below.


Someone you can be happy with is very precious. (If you have someone whom you can be relaxed and happy with, you should cherish him/her.)

なにを食べるか より どう食べるか だと 思いません?

Do you think it’s important “how we eat” rathern than “what we eat”? (A happy dinner depends on how you eat including who you eat with and what you are talking. It doesn’t depend on how good of a dinner you eat.)

ほめて ほめて ほめて

Praise praise and praise. (Praise is very important!)


What will be, will be. (That’s the way things are.)

The first Rilakkuma Seikatsu book focuses on Rilakkuma’s lazy and easy going life. But this book also focuses on the relationship between Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori. In our life there are many problems about relationships. Sometimes we may think these problems bother us too much!

But Rilakkuma tells you if someone bothers you it’s not that big problem. It’s a very big pleasure that you can be with someone who makes you relax and has fun with you. So you should respect each other!