About Koguma chan

San-X introduced Koguma chan, a new character in the Rilakkuma world in March 2016. They released this video to introduce Koguma chan!

San-X also introduced some backstory to Koguma chan on their website. Today I will translate some of the story so you can know more about Koguma chan.

Koguma chan 1

  1. Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori came to Honey Forest. Korilakkuma went to the back of the forest, and he found a honey pot that looks very good!
  2. Korilakkuma takes someone to Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma is relaxing under the shade.
  3. Korilakkuma has a new friend! He is brown, round, and smells a little bit of honey. He always has his special honey, and his preference is the same as Rilakkuma.
  4. They are climbing tree, chasing each other, and sometimes they scramble for honey.
  5. Korilalkuma looks like he’s having fun.
  6. They share honey that they found in the Honey Forest.

Koguma chan 2

Introducing Korilakkuma’s New Friend!

  • His body smells like honey.
  • His friend is the honey bee.
  • He has chest hair.
  • His stomach is round.
  • He has fangs.
  • His sole is shaped like a bear.
  • He has special honey.
  • He has honey on his butt.

It looks like this will be a permanent new character in Rilakkuma’s world! Here is a video of a life size Koguma chan plush at the Rilakkuma Store in Japan.