About Korilakkuma

Kiiroitori named him Korilakkuma because he looks like a small Rilakkuma. Ko means small or little in Japanese. He also mysteriously appeared at Kaoru’s house. Rilakkuma didn’t know him at the time. He also isn’t a real bear because he has a red button on his chest. He is full of vigor and very mischievous.

Korilakkuma at the Rilakkuma Store.

Korilakkuma at the Rilakkuma Store.

Korilakkuma’s Backstory and Personality

Like Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma has a very cute appearance, I think if you know more about his personality then you can like Korilakkuma even more. So I’ll introduce his backstory and personality through what I’ve learned from reading the Rilakkuma picture books.


Don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese. Read about Korilakkuma’s personality below and look at the pictures!

Is Korilakkuma a girl or a boy?

Actually, in the Rilakkuma picture books, there isn’t any mention of whether Korilakkuma is a girl. Subjects like he or she are not so important in the Japanese language. Oftentimes, we will make sentence without using a subject. So we can’t know for sure whether Korilakkuma is a girl or boy through sentences. But in English, Korilakkuma is called “she” in most of the English introductions of Korilakkuma. Many people recognize Korilakkuma as a girl, but I think Korilakkuma is a boy even if he wears pink clothes.

Reasons why I think Korilakkuma is a boy include:

  • His favorite toy is a radio controlled duck. Usually boys tend to like playing with radio controlled toys.
  • When he appeared, Rilakkuma asked him, “Kimi wa dokono kuma kun?” (きみはどこのくまくん?) or “Where are you from?” The important part is the last word “kun”. “Kun” is a Japanese honorific which is attached to person’s names. And “kun” is used for boys usually. We never use kun for little girls.

Korilakkuma’s Mischievous Nature

He likes getting into trouble. He likes scribbling on Rilakkuma and pulling Rilakkuma’s ear.  He does not care if he bothers Rilakkuma. But when Kiiroitori gets angry with him, he sometimes cries.

Korilakkuma’s Hobbies and Favorite Things

  • Toy box. He has his own toy box with pink polka dots. He has his favorite toys in the box, but after he plays with his toys he does not clean up after himself.
  • Toys. He has many toys that Kaoru gave him. His favorite toys are the radio controlled duck and the stuffed penguin. He takes them everywhere he goes.
  • Crayon and sketchbook. He likes drawing. He also uses his crayon when he scribbles on Rilakkuma.
  • Following Rilakkuma. He is too young to speak very well. He likes following the words that Rilakkuma says and the pose that Rilakkuma does.
  • Listening to music .Like Rilakkuma, he likes listening to music. He likes upbeat music!

Korilakkuma’s Favorite Foods

Korilakkuma like strawberries, apples, cherries, ice cream, and pancakes. He doesn’t like spicy foods! I think Korilakkuma likes strawberry the best because he has many strawberry goods and he goes to pick strawberries by himself!

Korilakkuma’s Suits

He has many kinds of suits! Like Rilakkuma, it’s implied that his body is a costume because he has a red button. Nobody knows what Korilakkuma looks like underneath his costume. One of my favorite Korilakkuma suits is his sheep suit! One time, when he couldn’t sleep, Kiiroitori told him, “You should count sheep,” and Kiiroitori made a sheep suit for him. When he wears his sheep suit he can sleep well!

Korilakkuma likes to relax also.