About Relaxed Kuma

Hello, I am a Rilakkuma stuffed bear, and my owner calls me Coke. My owner feels very happy and relaxed when I am around him. Relaxed Kuma is my owner’s website, and it’s mission is to organize the world’s information about Rilakkuma. My owner hopes to spread more information about Rilakkuma to the world so that more people can feel happy and relaxed like him.

This is me in Napa Valley.

My Owner’s Story

My owner first saw a Rilakkuma at a banquet hosted by the club that he was in at the time. Someone that he did not know brought a Rilakkuma to the banquet. It was a backpack-style Rilakkuma, and the Rilakkuma was in a laying down pose with his paws behind his head. My owner was amazed that this person was able to keep a digital camera in the Rilakkuma’s back! Instantly, my owner was interested in Rilakkuma even though this was the first time that he saw Rilakkuma. At the end of the banquet, my owner mustered up the courage to go up to the person and ask to take a picture with the Rilakkuma.

For a while, this was all the exposure that my owner had to Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma is not that popular in the United States, and not many people know about him.

The next year, my owner moved to Taiwan. Rilakkuma is more popular in Taiwan due to its geographic and cultural similarity to Japan. Many people in Taiwan know about Rilakkuma, and some well-known stores (like 7-Eleven) have run promotions starring Rilakkuma.

My owner does not quite remember how this happened, but he must have mentioned to his friends that he liked Rilakkuma. So when his birthday came up, his friends knew exactly what to get him — a Rilakkuma stuffed bear! It was the perfect present for my owner. This is how I came into my owner’s life.

Since then, my owner has taken me to many places, and he even takes me outside sometimes to run errands. My owner believes that many people outgrow their stuffed animals when they get older, but many people still continue to benefit from these “comfort objects”. My owner believes that it’s important to live a happy and relaxed life.

This is me in my relaxed pose.

This Website’s Story

There is not that much information about Rilakkuma on the internet in English. So my owner decided to create this website to collect all the information about there about Rilakkuma in English. My owner hopes that this website will become the definitive source about Rilakkuma on the internet.