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Denim Rilakkuma 3
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Introducing the Denim Rilakkuma Series

Usually I only like the original Rilakkuma plushies, but San-X comes out with new series very often. Sometimes they have clothes, and sometimes the Rilakkuma is holding something. Every time it is a new theme or collaboration with a company. But I like the naked Rilakkumas the best. I wrote about the original Rilakkuma series before. I like the original series because the Rilakkuma are easy to hug.

But in April 2016, San-X came out with a new Rilakkuma series — denim Rilakkuma! Even though I usually don’t like new series, I really got interested in this new series! Maybe I will buy a denim Rilakkuma plush. You can find the original announcement on the San-X website.

The denim Rilakkuma series will have some bags made out of denim. There is a small denim Rilakkuma plush keychain and two Rilakkuma plushies. The denim Rilakkuma plush wears a charm around his neck and has embroidered pockets on his butt.