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Many Men Like Rilakkuma in Japan!

I don’t know how many people like Rilakkuma in the United States, but in Japan, many people like Rilakkuma — even men! There is a big forum called 2channel in Japan. 2channel is very famous as a communication space for otaku. People discuss many things on this forum. 2channel’s slogan is “From hacking to side dishes for tonight’s dinner”. Not only limited to otaku, many ordinary people write about their hobbies, so there are some topics about Rilakkuma on 2channel. One of them is unique! The name of the post is “I love Rilakkuma in spite of being a man!”

Now I’ll introduce some guy’s comments from 2channel! They talk about Rilakkuma’s news, products, why they like Rilakkuma, and how they got to like Rilakkuma.

Why do you like Riakkuma?


Rilakkuma is not cute like Hello Kitty. Rilakkuma is like an old guy. He is very cute in whatever he does, but I think he doesn’t flirt. So I like Rilakkuma.

Embarrassing Stories About Rilakkuma

電車に乗ってたときに、曇った窓ガラスにリラックマを描いて ニヤニヤしてたら、女子高生に「やだ」って言われた

When I rode on the train, I drew Rilakkuma on the window and smiled. A high school girl looked at me and said “no.”

リラックマのグッズが増え過ぎて、部屋に遊びにきた人に「女の人の部屋みたい」って言われる。 彼女いないのに・・

People who come into my room say “Your room looks like a girl’s room!” because I have so many Rilakkuma products. I don’t have a girlfriend though.


I have a very big Korilakkuma in my car. Korilakkuma sat in the passenger seat before, but I got too embarrassed, so Korilakkuma sits in the back seat now. When elementary school students walk around my car, they stare at Korilakkuma. I’m so embarrassed.

What Rilakkuma products do they have or want? 

身につけてるのは携帯のストラップだけだな。 車には色々乗せてるけど。

I only have a Rilakkuma mobile phone strap, but I have many kinds of products in my car.


You guys like the Toyota Vitz television commercials, right? I think it’s better to invent a Rilakkuma robot than robots that look human.


At last I bought a Rilakkuma plush today. I’m 33 years old though. I’m healed when I look at him.


I use a Rilakkuma folder for my papers, but I don’t use it when I wear suits.


I think I’m weird because I hold the Rilakkuma hugging pillow when I sleep.

Sorry that my english is not good enough to explain the nuances, but I hope I could let you know that many guys like Rilakkuma too! I think many guys like Rilakkuma because of Rilakkuma’s lazy attitude. He tells us “don’t hurry, take it easy”. Rilakkuma can heal people even if they are men!

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