This curry tonkatsu was a very popular dish. The brown rice Rilakkuma is perfect!
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Pictures From Rilakkuma Cafe in Taiwan

In September 2015, Rilakkuma Cafe opened in Taipei, Taiwan. This is a Rilakkuma theme restaurant that has received official licensing from San-X.

I went there to visit in December 2015! I wanted to eat there, but it was completely reserved for the day. It is a very popular place in Taipei because Taiwanese people love Rilakkuma too. My friend said that it was completely booked for a month. Many Taiwanese bloggers say that they had to dial hundreds of times to get a reservation (sometimes Taiwanese people say hundreds when they mean many times).

Today I will introduce the Rilakkuma Cafe and translate some Taiwan blog posts about Rilakkuma Cafe. Rilakkuma Cafe’s location used to be a popular dessert place called Dazzling Cafe. It was popular several years ago, but I guess it no longer was that popular.

First, some pictures! But wait, I took these pictures from Yuki’s Lazy Channel. I hope it is okay. Please visit her blog for the full set of pictures. But it is in traditional Chinese. She has very beautiful pictures. Please read the captions below.


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