Rilakkuma Book 3
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Rilakkuma Books: Rilakkuma Seikatsu Series 2

[Dararan Biyori – Riakkuma Seikatsu 2] is the second book in the Rilakkuma Seikatsu series and was released in November 2004. Dararan is a phrase that Rilakkuma says often. Maybe it means lazy and enjoy. Dara means lazy. Ran is sound you make when you are enjoying something. Biyori means “fine weather”. So the title means “fine weather to be lazy and have fun”.

Korilakkuma debuted in this book! So there are many Rilakkuma monologues related to Korilakkuma. In this book, Rilakkuma’s monologues are not only lazy but also having fun with someone special. Here are some of the monologues below.


Someone you can be happy with is very precious. (If you have someone whom you can be relaxed and happy with, you should cherish him/her.)

なにを食べるか より どう食べるか だと 思いません?

Do you think it’s important “how we eat” rathern than “what we eat”? (A happy dinner depends on how you eat including who you eat with and what you are talking. It doesn’t depend on how good of a dinner you eat.)

ほめて ほめて ほめて

Praise praise and praise. (Praise is very important!)


What will be, will be. (That’s the way things are.)

The first Rilakkuma Seikatsu book focuses on Rilakkuma’s lazy and easy going life. But this book also focuses on the relationship between Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori. In our life there are many problems about relationships. Sometimes we may think these problems bother us too much!

But Rilakkuma tells you if someone bothers you it’s not that big problem. It’s a very big pleasure that you can be with someone who makes you relax and has fun with you. So you should respect each other!

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