Rilakkuma Comic Book 1
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Rilakkuma Comic Strip Book 1

Today I’ll introduce some Rilakkuma comic strips from the Rilakkuma 4Kuma Manga book series!

Do you know yonkoma? In Japanese, yon means four, and kuma means panel. Yonkoma is a comic-strip format that generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. So Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga means Rilakkuma’s yonkoma. These yonkoma were serialized on Shufu-to-seikatsusha web site. And now six comic books have been released.

The contents are so cute! But I think the Rilakkuma Seikatsu Series are more meaningful. Some contents are related to Japanese seasonal events so it’s a little difficult to understand what they mean. But through 4kuma Manga we can see their happy and lazy life!

Now I will introduce some of my favorite episodes from the first book of Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga! The cover shows Rilakkuma sleeping and he is slobbering on the book. The back cover shows Kiiroitori cleaning Rilakkuma’s saliva off the book.

Rilakkuma Comic 1

Nice to meet you!

  1. Rilakkuma lies down on his favorite yellow bean bag pillow and says, “Nice to meet you. I’m Rilakkuma.”
  2. “Ah, my ears are made of castella.”
  3. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori bite his ears! Rilakkuma says, “Ah!”
  4. His ears are messed up and Rilakkuma says, “Sorry, it’s joking.”


  1. Korilakkuma wakes up and cries because he had a nightmare.
  2. Korilakkuma sees that Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are sleeping.
  3. Korilakkuma turns on the light. Kiiroitori is awake! Rilakkuma is still sleeping.
  4. Korilakkuma wants  Kiiroitori to be awake until Korilakkuma falls asleep. Kiiroitori says, “Ah, should I watch you till you fell asleep?” Rilakkuma is still sleeping.

We can see that Korilakkuma is so cowardly, Kiiroitori is so good to Korilakkuma, and Rilakkuma loves sleeping so much!


  1. The radio controlled duck is running and says, “Hi, I’m  the radio controlled duck. I’m running!”
  2. He is running on Rilakkuma and says, “Go! Go!”
  3. He tries to fly from Rilakkuma’s head! “Fly to the future!”
  4. But he falls down on Kiiroitori’s head.

I ‘m happy to find out that the radio controlled duck can speak!

 Real Intention

  1. Korilakkuma’s stuffed penguin and the radio controlled duck are talking. The penguin says, “Duck, I envy you because you can move.” The duck says, “You think so?”
  2. The Duck says, “He is so rough, I always have scratch. And I flew recently.”
  3. The Penguin looks so dirty and a little sad and says, “I’m more dirty”.
  4. Korilakkuma looks at them with some evil plan behind them. They are surprised.

I didn’t know Korilakkuma’s toys are also alive! I love their dialogue! I think they are became dirty  because Korilakkuma loves them so much. He takes them every where with him.

Bottom of the Book

There are cute pictures on the bottom of this book.  We can enjoy these pictures as a flip book! The story: Rilakkuma has so many dangos and throws the dangos. Kiiroitori catches the dangos with a stick. But he can’t catch every dangos because there are too many dangos.

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