Rilakkuma Comic Book 2
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Rilakkuma Comic Strip Book 2

I introduced the first book in the Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga series in the last post. The book was released in 2010. And  Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga 2 was released in 2011. These two books are popular in Japan!

Today I’ll introduce Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga 2! The cover shows Rilakkuma sleeping and him spilling some food. The back cover shows Kiiroitori cleaning up the food that Rilakkuma spilled.

Here are some of my favorite comic strips from this book.

Now on Sale!

  1. Kiiroitori looks at a flyer showing a spring sale.
  2. Kiiroitori says to Rilakkuma, “This yellow bean bag pillow is so old. You should dispose of this.”
  3. Kiiroitori says, “The new ones are not expensive now.” But Rilakkuma resists buying a new one.
  4. Rilakkuma lies on his old yellow pillow. He looks like he is feeling good, and says, “This battered pillow is more comfortable.”
Rilakkuma loves his yellow pillow very much! Hmm, many people have their own favorite things!

April Fools

  1. Rilakkuma says, “My ears are made of castella.” He said same thing In 4kuma Manga 1! And Korilakkuma and Kiiroitorii bit his ears and found this is not true.
  2. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori say, “Same joke again…” Rilakkuma says, “Here!”
  3. Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori smell his ears and say, “Sweet smell!”
  4. And Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori bite his ears again! Rilakkuma says, “I put vanilla essence on my ears.” He looks satisfied.
They are good at having fun in their normal life!


  1. Korilakkuma has his stuffed penguin. The stuffed penguin looks dirty and says, “Because I’m getting dirty…”
  2. Korilakkuma washes the penguin and the penguin says, “He washes me…”
  3. Korilakkuma drys the penguin outside and the penguin says, “He drys me.”
  4. And the stuffed penguin says, “But I hope he drys me inside because I have an allergy to pollen.”

Many people have an allergy to pollen in Japan. It starts in March and ends in May. I didn’t know the stuffed penguin has an allergy to pollen too! I hope Korilakkuma drys him inside in spring!


  1. Kiiroitori finds Korilakkuma eating oranges. Kiiroitori says, “Ah!”
  2. Kiiroitori says to Korilakkuma, “You eat too many oranges.”
  3. Kiiroitori says, “Your hands will get yellow if you eat oranges too much.”
  4. Rilakkuma looks at his yellow hands. He thinks about why his hands are yellow.

I don’t know it’s true or not, but many people say, ”Your hands will get yellow if you eat oranges too much.” in Japan. Maybe it’s just a superstition.

Bottom of the Book

And this book is a flip book too! There also have many cute pictures on the bottom of this book. The story: Korilakkuma puts Kiiroitori on a pancake and throws the pancake! Kiiroitori and the pancake fly to Rilakkuma. And Rilakkuma eats the pancake that Kiiroitorii rode on. And Kiiroitori flies by himself! He says, “I can fly!” But then Kiiroitori falls down. Poor Kiiroitori.

There are about 100 episodes in this book. I could know more about their characters through this Rilakkuma 4kuma Manga series. I hope I can read the other books in this series. Then I can introduce more about their life from these series!

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