Rilakkuma Pancakes
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The Top 5 Best Rilakkuma Dessert Videos

One of my favorite hobbies is watching people make food on Youtube. Since Rilakkuma’s favorite foods are mostly desserts, many people make Rilakkuma-themed dessert videos on Youtube! Every once in a while, I will sit with my Rilakkuma and look up new Rilakkuma videos on Youtube.

I like watching them make the food. But at the end, usually they start to eat their Rilakkuma food! When they start to cut or eat the Rilakkuma, I always say to myself, “Nooooooooo!”

Today I will share my favorite Rilakkuma dessert videos!

1. Recreate Miniature Rilakkuma Pancakes. This person recreates Re-Ment plastic miniature toys in real life. This video he recreates miniature pancakes in real life! I can’t watch the part when he cuts his ear.

2. Recreate Strawberry Sandwich. This video is from the same person who recreated the pancakes. This time he recreates strawberry sandwich! It looks delicious! Hmm, when I finished watching this video, I thought this person maybe likes Rilakkuma too much! But I guess that’s not possible.

3. Rilakkuma Tofu Cheesecake. In Japan there are many Rilakumma-themed foods that you can buy at the grocery store. This person uses Rilakkuma tofu and makes cheesecake. Hmm, I’ve never eaten tofu cheesecake before!

4. Rilakkuma Pudding. In some videos, some people try to make Rilakkuma foods. But when they decorate their foods, sometimes they don’t make Rilakkuma’s face correctly. I only like food videos where Rilakkuma is shown correctly. Like this pudding video! I love his relaxed pose.

5. Rilakkuma Matcha Cakes. This video uses Rilakkuma molds to make chocolate for Rilakkuma matcha cakes. Matcha is finely ground green tea, and it is a popular favor in Japan. I think Rilakkuma would like to eat something like this!

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